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Positively Pippa

Sarah Hegger (Zebra)

Hegger (Nobody’s Princess) invites readers into the delightfully quirky small town of Ghost Falls, Utah, in the warmly sincere first book of a contemporary romance series. Hegger’s unflinching, candid portrayal of interpersonal and generational communication elevates the story to the sublime. Shunning clichés and contrived circumstances, she uses realistic, relatable situations to create a world that readers will want to visit time and again.


Lost Rider

Harper Sloan (Pocket)

Sloan (When I’m with You) hits it out of the park with her first Coming Home contemporary western romance, the tale of a lonely cowboy and the hometown sweetheart who has never stopped loving him. Maverick is a perfect hero: complicated, deeply damaged, yet blooming with the new promise of love. Leighton is appealing and real, as are a strong supporting cast of characters whom readers will be glad to follow into sequels.


Kissing Hollywood

Monica Collier (Red Press)

Collier infuses a sweet innocence and old-fashioned values into this inspirational contemporary, which has two flawed protagonists trying to move past a boatload of issues. Their attraction to each other is gradually developed and based on common values, such as their mutual interest in improving their relationships with God. Faith, destiny, and the power of personal choice make this an uplifting read.


From Duke till Dawn

Eva Leigh (Avon)

Leigh’s magnificent Regency-era erotic romantic thriller, the first installment in the London Underground series, crosses class boundaries with abandon as a duke learns that his long-ago mysterious lover was a criminal scamming him for his money. A variety of weapons, plenty of riffraff, a couple of wanton and witty friends, and a hint of kink make this a fast-paced and seductive treasure.


The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Amanda Quick (Berkley)

Quick’s ambitious story sparkles with wit as she transports readers back to the golden age of Hollywood. A reporter hoping for a celebrity scoop finds her source has been drowned in a hotel pool; the hotel owner, once a famous stage magician, joins her to seek the killer. Quick's splendid use of misdirection will keep readers guessing in this brilliant work of historical romantic suspense.


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