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Big Bad Cowboy: Once Upon a Time in Texas, Book 1

Carly Bloom (Forever)

Debut author Bloom utterly charms with this sexy western contemporary that’s a fairy tale at heart. Two Texas landscapers are competitors by day, but when they meet at a costume party—masked as Little Red Riding Hood and a fearsome wolf—they enjoy a heated, anonymous night. Sweet side characters, dashes of humor, and abundant kindness make this a winner.


Desperate Girls

Laura Griffin (Gallery)

Romance and sexual chemistry are constant undercurrents in this tense, dramatic romantic thriller, in which an attorney chasing a serial killer loses her heart to the former Secret Service agent she hires as a bodyguard. Griffin knows just how to mix terror and passion to keep pages turning and readers’ hearts pounding.


The One You Can’t Forget: The Ones Who Got Away, Book 2

Roni Loren (Sourcebooks Casablanca)

With impressive skill and true empathy, Loren explores the lives of a woman who survived a school shooting and a man with every reason to hate her: she’s the attorney who helped his ex-wife fleece him. Both are wrestling with deep sorrows, and then love complicates their lives even as it shows them a possible path to happiness. This bittersweet tearjerker earns every bit of its happy ending.


Their Perfect Melody: Matched to Perfection, Book 3

Priscilla Oliveras (Zebra)

A police officer (who plays guitar) and a victim’s advocate (who loves to dance and sing) debate the best ways to help Chicago’s Puerto Rican community, and fall in love along the way. Oliveras spins a sparkling tale of opposites-attract romance while getting right to the heart of challenges facing minority neighborhoods, bringing the setting and characters to life with rich details and vivacious dialogue.


A Wolf Apart

Maria Vale (Sourcebooks Casablanca)

Vale’s outstanding paranormal romance digs deep into the contrasting allures of the wild and the city, wolf life and human life. As a werewolf attorney who longs for pack life falls unexpectedly for a human woman, Vale challenges stereotypes of alphas, wealthy romance heroes, and werewolf culture, bringing real freshness and excitement to the genre.


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