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Our Colors

Gengoroh Tagame, trans. from the Japanese by Anne Ishii (Pantheon)

Manga fans—and queer romance devotees generally—will embrace this nuanced coming-of-age drama from Eisner winner Tagame. Everyone assumes 16-year-old Sora Itoda is dating his best girl-friend, but he’s secretly crushing on a boy. When he gets a gig to paint a mural in a local café owned by an out gay man, he takes courage in the wisdom that “nobody comes out just once.”


The Peanutbutter Sisters and Other American Stories

Rumi Hara (Drawn & Quarterly)

Hara returns with fantastical short stories that track a trio of magical sisters who travel on the winds of a hurricane, walk alongside angsty teens plotting their own version of a classical Japanese drama, join the crowd cheering on spectacular aliens in a desert race, and glory in the ascent of “Bombadonna,” a multihued, explosive heroine. It’s quite a trip, carried by Hara’s generous imagination, genre-bending art, and whimsical wit.


Wash Day Diaries

Jamila Rowser and Robyn Smith (Chronicle)

Bursting with personality, color, and the everyday drama that circles around Bronx salon culture, Rowser and Smith’s graphic debut features an ensemble clique of Black women figuring out love, life, and family. As singer Kimana and her friends gear up for a performance, they encounter fresh crushes and aggressive old flames, hot gossip and quiet moments of poignant reconciliation, in between the renewing rituals of wash day.


Yellow Cab

Chabouté and Benoît Cohen, trans. from the French by Edward Gauvin (IDW)

In a gorgeous comics adaptation by Eisner winner Chabouté, French filmmaker Cohen attempts to sign up as an N.Y.C. taxi driver to research his next movie (the script of which he hashes out across the comic). It’s all more bizarre than he bargained for, whether pursuing the coveted taxi medallion or cruising around the city with rotating oddball passengers in the spirit of Jim Jarmusch’s Night on Earth.


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