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American Elsewhere

Robert Jackson Bennett (Orbit)

Bennett’s knockout novel, part science fiction and part eldritch horror, flips over the American dream and trains a spotlight on the nasty things that come scuttling out.


Great North Road

Peter F. Hamilton (Del Rey)

Mystery, religion, politics, and technology collide in Hamilton’s engrossing near-future whodunit, which juxtaposes an English policeman’s murder investigation with an interplanetary quest to find and understand alien life.


Twenty-First Century Science Fiction

D. G. Hartwell, P. Nielsen Hayden (Tor)

Hartwell and Nielsen Hayden’s mammoth anthology of recent science fiction stories by up-and-coming authors is a fascinating snapshot of a pivotal moment in the genre, as well as a compilation of wonderful writing.


The Inner City

Karen Heuler (ChiZine)

Heuler’s beguiling collection of literary speculative stories, some earthy and some ethereal, examines the ways individuals are influenced by society and influence it in turn.


Conservation of Shadows

Yoon Ha Lee (Prime)

Lee’s moody, rich first collection uses a wide variety of inspirations—including Korean history, higher mathematics, classic moral dilemmas, and genre fiction—as seeds around which complex and beautiful stories crystallize.



V.E. Schwab (Tor)

The line between superhero and supervillain is blurred to the point of nonexistence when two friends become enemies after discovering that near-death experiences can induce the development of extraordinary powers.


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