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Metaphysical Dog

Frank Bidart (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

In this masterful collection, Bidart, long recognized as a major poet, looks back on his life and the times that shaped his imagination; he even remembers the process of writing his most famous poem, pushing language to its limits.


Rise in the Fall

Ana Bozicevic (Birds, LLC)

Sexy, audacious, and compassionate in surprising ways, Bozicevic’s sophomore effort is about as funny and smart as poetry gets.


Transfer of Qualities

Martha Ronk (Omnidawn)

Ronk, a lauded experimental poet, takes on the relationship between people and the objects they love in this collection of prose poems. She thinks her way into the things in a room, finding the music in the still and the silent.



Mary Szybist (Graywolf)

In her second book, Szybist puns her own name with that of the Biblical Mary, upending and recasting one of the founding myths of Western culture as a story of devotion and ambivalence for our age.


The Book of Goodbyes

Jillian Weise (BOA)

These fierce, hip, heartbreaking love poems call out to a lover who can’t be lived with or without. They’re humorous, odd, and full of all the unreasonable truth of love. This book is the real thing.


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