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Lauren Beukes (Mullholland)

After a pandemic kills most of the world’s men, women are in charge of running what’s left of civilization. A 12-year-old boy, one of the last alive, and his mother go on the run across America to avoid those who would use him as a reproductive source or a stand-in son. Fans of high-concept feminist SF thrillers will be enthralled.


Black Sun Rising

Matthew Carr (Pegasus Crime)

Philip Kerr fans will welcome this mystery set in 1909 Barcelona, Spain, where a visiting English explorer is blown up by an anarchist’s bomb. Oddly, the victim left a large bequest to a woman not his wife. Carr smoothly integrates early-20th-century Spanish politics into a suspenseful plot.


The Girl from Widow Hills

Megan Miranda (Simon & Schuster)

Emotionally fragile hospital administrator Olivia Meyer doesn’t remember much about being swept away in a storm at age six and not being rescued for three days. Her troubled single mother has suffered as well. When a dead body turns up, Olivia turns sleuth in this twisty, surprise-filled psychological thriller.


A Good Marriage

Kimberly McCreight (Harper)

Manhattan lawyer Lizzie Kitsakis reluctantly agrees to defend an old law school friend accused of murdering his wife. Meanwhile, Lizzie’s alcoholic husband has big problems. Filled with credible plot twists and realistically flawed characters, this page-turner presses readers to question everything they think makes a “good” marriage.


Home Before Dark

Riley Sager (Dutton)

The Holt family’s experiences in the Vermont haunted house they once lived in were the sources for father Ewan’s nonfiction bestseller. After Ewan’s death 25 years later, daughter Maggie inherits the house and sets out to discover what really happened. Sager does a superb job of upsetting reader expectations in this horror thriller.


A Royal Affair

Allison Montclair (Minotaur)

In 1946 London, former British intelligence operative Iris Sparks and her partner, Gwen Bainbridge, in the Right Sort of Marriage Bureau get a sensitive assignment: vetting Prince Philip as a potential mate for the future Elizabeth II. This is a must for fans of Netflix’s The Crown.


The Shooting at Château Rock: A Bruno, Chief of Police Novel

Martin Walker (Knopf)

Benoît “Bruno” Courrèges, the chief of police of St. Denis, France, looks into the suspicious death of a sheep farmer. He also helps prepare meals and considers breeding his pedigree hunting dog. Francophiles will relish the evocative descriptions of the Périgord region and its cuisine.


The Suicide House

Charlie Donlea (Kensington)

Two students from a prestigious Indiana prep school are murdered at a nearby secret hangout, an abandoned house in the woods. A year later, after a teacher was convicted of the crimes, students are going to the house and killing themselves. Why? Forensic reconstructionist Rory Moore and her psychologist partner, Lane Phillips, investigate in this chiller that’s perfect for fans of Donna Tartt.


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