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The Burning Chambers

Kate Mosse (Minotaur)

Set in 1592, bestseller Mosse’s series launch focuses on a bitter feud between two prominent families during the French religious wars, as seen through the eyes of 19-year-old Minou, the heroine of this Romeo and Juliet tale.



Denise Mina (Mulholland)

Anna McDonald, a well-to-do Glasgow housewife, is obsessed with true crime podcasts. When one such podcast turns out to have a connection to her dark past, she and a former rock star wind up fleeing for their lives pursued by deadly enemies in this thriller from Edgar finalist Mina.


Fake like Me

Barbara Bourland (Grand Central)

A no-name artist from the Florida backwater, just as she’s finally achieving fame and fortune, suffers a serious setback when a fire in her New York City studio destroys her masterpiece, a series of seven large oil paintings. Her efforts to recreate them in time for a Paris show lead to trouble.


Into the Jungle

Erica Ferencik (Scout)

When the teaching job that lures 19-year-old Lily Bushwold from Boston to Bolivia falls through, she decides to venture into the Amazon jungle, where she finds dangerous animals, unfriendly natives, and worse. Armchair travelers seeking vicarious thrills will find lots to like.


This Storm

James Ellroy (Knopf)

Set in Los Angeles in early 1942, this ambitious novel from MWA Grand Master Ellroy opens with the unearthing of a body in Griffith Park. What appears to be a routine homicide turns out to have a link to a huge criminal enterprise related to America’s war effort.



Steve Cavanagh (Flatiron)

In the fourth novel featuring defense lawyer Eddie Flynn, Eddie is sure his movie star client, on trial for murdering the star’s wife, is innocent. What Eddie doesn’t know is that there’s a serial killer on the jury with his own ideas of justice.


The Warehouse

Rob Hart (Crown)

Big Brother meets Big Business in this near-future thriller. Paxton works for the Cloud, a giant tech company that has taken over much of the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, Zinnia goes undercover as an ordinary worker in the Cloud to learn its deepest secrets—and Paxton may just wind up an unwitting pawn in her game.


The Whisper Man

Alex North (Celadon)

A widower and his young son move to a small town where, 20 years earlier, a serial killer murdered five residents before he was caught. Now the killer’s apprentice may be targeting the son in British author North’s first novel.


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