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The Ghost Script

Jules Feiffer (Liveright)

Bursting with Feiffer’s frenetic character drawings, this McCarthy-era noir romp set in L.A. takes readers alongside gumshoe Archie Goldman as he tries to track down the Ghost Script. That legendary screenplay supposedly uncovers a conspiracy behind the Hollywood blacklist, but no one can quite separate the truth from fiction in this wild tale. From a cartooning master, this is the culmination of his trilogy beginning with Kill My Mother and Cousin Joseph—take them all on vacation for a lively binge.


Luisa: Now and Then

Carole Maurel and Mariko Tamaki (Humanoids)

Luisa is a teenager transported from the 1990s to meet her grown-up self in the present day. What she encounters is a disappointment—in her thirties, she hasn’t lived up to her ideals. But as Luisa “then” gets to know “now,” they both uncover important truths about their identities, reshaping both past and future. With dialogue adapted from the original French by indie comics star Mariko Tamaki, this gorgeous volume is a fantastical discovery.


The Bride Was a Boy

Chii (Seven Seas)

This boundary-breaking manga features the romantic story of Chii, a pseudonymous transgender cartoonist, and her “Husband-kun.” In a flirty pink package, with energetic artwork, the true-life tale of Chii’s gender transition, from her childhood as a boy to becoming “Bride-chan,” is as fun as it is in fact revolutionary—and helpfully stocked with “trans 101” tips for any reader who needs guidance as they cheer Chii along in reaching her dreams.


Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from My Bipolar Life

Ellen Forney (Fantagraphics)

Following up on the memoir Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me, bipolar cartoonist Forney shares more prescriptive advice for anyone who struggles with a mood disorder and making time for self-care. The accessible, peppy artwork and “you can do this” message, combined with Forney’s authentic and practical experience, provide welcome inspiration and tips for myriad readers who look to the respite of a summer break to regroup, recoup, and get healthier day by day.


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