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My Fair Concubine

Jeannie Lin (Harlequin Historical)

Lin (Butterfly Swords) transplants My Fair Lady to ninth-century China to create this charming tale of a soldier whose sister runs away from an arranged marriage; he decides to train a clever but penniless orphan to take his sister’s place. Readers will enjoy both the romance and the education in Tang Dynasty etiquette, politics, and economics.


Tangle of Need

Nalini Singh (Berkley)

Singh’s 11th Psy/Changeling paranormal challenges the most fundamental underpinning of her world: the fated bonding of soulmates. After changeling Riaz is rejected by his destined mate, he falls in love with another changeling, Adria—but can they make it work despite knowing they’ll never form a mating bond? Singh’s large and growing fanbase will snap this one up.


Dancing in the Dark

Susan Moody (Severn House)

Moody seamlessly blends romance and drama in this suspenseful tale. Garden designer Theodora Cairns’s childhood was shaped by the ravings and drama of her paranoid mother. When Theo learns that all she thought she knew about her father is false, she collapses into misery. Her only hope of salvation is Fergus Costello, an author mired in self-doubt. Readers will cheer them on as love triumphs over despair.


Hearts of Darkness

Kira Brady (Kensington/Zebra)

Brady’s dazzling debut blends Norse, Babylonian, and Native American mythology to create a dark and compelling story set in an alternate present-day Seattle. A human nurse and a werewolf mercenary find unexpected romance as they try to stop dragon shapeshifters from opening a gate into another world and unleashing apocalypse. Even jaded paranormal fans will be excited by this genuinely new setting and its compelling cast.


Hell on Wheels

Julie Ann Walker (Sourcebooks Casablanca)

Walker debuts with the first in a romantic suspense trilogy that goes full throttle from the first page. A retired Marine working for a motorcycle shop that’s really a covert ops agency falls hard for his buddy’s sister. She’s being targeted by a crooked senator who thinks she holds incriminating evidence of his scams and schemes. Relentless thriller pacing, sizzling chemistry, and a satisfying emotional payoff will leave readers breathless and eager for the sequels.


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