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American Sweethearts

Adriana Herrera (Carina)

Priscilla Gutierrez and Juan Pablo Campos have been on and off for years and finally find a way to make it work in the knock out conclusion to Herrera’s Dreamers series. In writing characters who know each other so well, Herrera creates a dynamic that is simultaneously comfortable and vulnerable, playful and passionate.


Boyfriend Material

Alexis Hall (Sourcebooks Casablanca)

The effortless charm and effervescent wit of this rom-com from Hall take a favorite trope to new heights. Uptight Oliver Blackwood would not have been roguish Luc O’Donnell’s first choice for a publicity boyfriend, but their fake relationship turns into real love the more they get to know each other—with plenty of laugh-out-loud mishaps and heart-swelling moments along the way.


How to Catch a Queen

Alyssa Cole (Avon)

Cole subverts both expectations and gender roles with the smart, sexy contemporary romance that opens her Runaway Royals series. Anxious King Sanyu II has no desire to rule, but ambitious commoner Shanti Mohapti has enough political acumen for the both of them. Their unlikely arranged marriage strikes a delicate balance of politics and passion that is sure to delight.


The Lost Love Song

Minnie Darke (Ballantine)

This sweeping, life-affirming tearjerker from Darke tracks a love song as it makes its way around the world, touching lives and hearts as it passes from musician to musician, ultimately offering a grieving man a second chance at love. Darke makes a powerful case for the healing power of music with this vibrant romantic panorama.


Take a Hint, Dani Brown

Talia Hibbert (Avon)

When a video of Zaf—a burly hopeless romantic in the process of launching a charity—rescuing Dani—a bisexual academic with no time for love—goes viral, the pair agree to fake a relationship to keep the buzz going, meanwhile embarking on a no-strings-attached affair behind the scenes. The result is a hot, hilarious rom-com sure to sweep readers off their feet.


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